We have all been hearing for a long time now how InfoPath is going away and how we need to move off it. This is easier said than done as many organizations have numerous customized InfoPath forms that they rely on.  Forms that would require a large amount of man hours to re-create. Microsoft waivered for a while on declaring a suitable replacement for InfoPath. That time is over now, the solution is PowerApps. While many people think PowerApps is solely for mobile purposes, it isn’t, it is much more than that. PowerApps list forms allow you to create dynamic powerful forms (think InfoPath) in SharePoint rather than leveraging native out of the box forms. These forms contain features such as cascading dropdowns, which formerly you could only create using javascript customizations.

The other huge win here is that you can migrate InfoPath forms to PowerApps using some reliable 3rd party tools. These tools migrate the data, including repeating sections and attachments to SharePoint lists for you. Once the data is migrated you can replicate the form interface in PowerApps relatively quickly. This is truly a gamechanger when it comes to legacy InfoPath form and can save valuable man hours.

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