Manual processes, both paper based and those that use excel or desktop applications are often inefficient and consume more man hours than they should. In scenarios where excel files are used, the files may be emailed back and forth potentially multiple times. Some of the drawbacks with processes such as these are that human errors may occur or the process itself may be extremely cumbersome and utilize an employee’s time when that time could be more effectively allocated.

SharePoint, along with Power Automate(formerly known as Flow) contains powerful business process automation functionality.

Power Automate has a built-in workflow engine that allows you to mimic business logic and process flow via a user friendly interface, without requiring any coding. In addition, out of the box there are connectors to a vast array of line of business applications including Salesforce, Oracle, Azure, Workday, Zendesk, and much more.

Some typical workflows that are relatively simple to automate include paid time off requests, purchase orders and expense requests. Some of our uses cases below detail a few successful case studies.

If you are looking to work more efficiently or just want to determine if your use case can be automated, please feel free to reach out for more information.